Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Craft Challenge

Last month I participated in a craft challenge.  The organizer of the challenge sent everyone the above materials.  I have to admit that I was stumped.  The scraps were pretty small and nothing came to mind of what to do with them.  I saw some brilliant submissions that were so clever.  I decided to make a mug rug and a card.  The mug rug is 5-1/2" x 5-1/2".  I need a big one because I drink from a plastic insulated quart jar.  I'll need to find a new cup soon as both of mine are leaking when they are full.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Project from 2013

January 2013 I joined a "Saturday Sampler" at a local quilt shop.  Each month you were given a block to do and the following month if you came back with the completed block, they gave you the next block to put together for free.  If you didn't have the previous block done, you could buy the block kit for that month.  I'm thinking it was $7 or $8.  I'm not really sure because I'm motivated by "free" to get things done.

There was a Log Cabin bundle of material available to make 23 log cabin blocks.  I'm thinking the instructions must have said to make 24 because I had that many and only 23 were needed to make the quilt below.
When I assembled this quilt, I wasn't in love with the yellow diagonal stripes but I did like how the blocks stood out.  I changed the layout of the blocks and used the 24th log cabin I had previously made to complete this new design.  I liked this layout but it was too yellow for me and I felt like the blocks were muddled together.
I added some sashing to break it up some.Truth be told, I would have like the log cabins flipped so the darker material created a border around the main blocks but then the outer border wouldn't have existed. I wasn't sure I had enough material to make another inner border.  Turns out I did but I'm still happy with the way this turned out.  The quilt is 90 x 90.
I had the blocks made for over 2 years and never assembled the quilt because of that yellow line.  I'm happy to have it done now.  The other great thing is that I've finished every quilt I've started now.

I still have fabric for about half a dozen quilts that I want to make for various people.  My next project is a Dr. Suess quilt for an auction.  I'm looking forward to it.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Cards

I'm doing one lump post on these Valentine's Day cards or I will never get around to it.  A couple are from Pinterest, one is from the catalog.  

This card I used the sticker sheet on a back layer (I used white and should have gone with black but originally it was going to be a white card).  I cut the heart in foil red and in black.  I mounted the outline of the black heart on the piece of white cardstock and then inserted the red foil heart.  I then used all of the little pieces of black that were cut out to fill in the red heart.  It looks nifty in person to have the image filled in.

Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  Basic Black, Real Red, Red Foil, WW
Misc.:  Real Red Ribbon, jewels

Stamps:  Bloomin' Love
Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  Crumb Cake, Rose Red, Blushing Bride, Love Blossoms DP
Misc.: Sequins (left over from Paper Pumpkin), Pearls, Dimensionals
Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  WW, Fresh Prints paper stack, Red Foil
Misc.:  Pearls, red sequins (from paper pumpkin), white ribbon
Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  WW, Love Blossoms DP, Blushing Bride
Misc.:  Blushing Bride cotton ribbon, sequins (paper pumpkin)
Stamps:  Bloomin' Love
Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  WW, Crumb Cake, Love Blossoms DP
Misc.:  Pearls
Stamps:  Bloomin' Love
Die:  Bloomin' Heart
CS:  Crumb Cake, Soft Sky, WW
Ink:  Crumb Cake, Soft Sky
Stamps:  Bloomin' Love
CS:  Garden Green, Crumb Cake, Rose Red, WW, Love Blossoms DP
Ink:  Rose Red, Crumb Cake
Misc.:  Dimensionals
CASEd:  Nicole Spicer

Stamps:  Bloomin' Love, Number of Years
Ink:  Wild Wasabi, Rose Red
CS:  Rose Red, WW, Love Blossoms DP, Wild Wasabi, Blushing Bride, Glimmer paper
Misc.:  Dimensionals, blushing bride cotton ribbon, wild wasabi seam binding, heart punch
CASEd:  Mary Brown

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Monday, February 8, 2016


I am in LOVE with this quilt!!  This is the 2015 Quiltville Mystery Quilt.  My second time doing a mystery quilt.  This is just the top.  It still needs to be quilted and have the binding sewn on.  This took me about 6 weeks to make, albeit 2 of the weeks I didn't touch it because I had other things needing my attention or I was procrastinating.  I knew Part 4 was going to take a long time.  I skipped it and went on to Part 5.  Then I had to suck it up.  It didn't disappoint with the amount of time it took to do it.

I haven't uploaded pictures to my computer of the different steps but they are on Instagram.

This took me about 100 hours and it has somewhere around 2,328 pieces.  So worth the effort.
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Thursday, December 10, 2015


I've been pretty busy lately.  We had another Webelos cross over to the Troop.  He earned his Arrow of Light and we presented him with his plaque and badge last week.

Our weather has been really good lately for this time of year.  I saw a post I made 2 years ago when we were living in FL and it showed the temperatures for the 48 states.  Now we live up north and the temperature is almost 30 degrees warmer than it was 2 years ago.  I'm sure this is all tied into the pacific's el nino .
I've been photographing cemeteries so that when the cold weather does come, I can be transcribing the photos and uploading them.  One of the cemeteries is 98% listed so it is easy to add the pictures.  Another cemetery isn't and requires more time.  I'm going to the historical society tomorrow to obtain a listing of who is there so I can be sure I'm accurate with the dates when I transcribe.

The quilt (here) that I finished at the end of September is now quilted and I'm ready to sew on the binding.  

I have the material to start a mystery quilt but I need to clear off my desk again to get with it.  The 3rd clue comes out tomorrow.  I held off starting so that I could have the Christmas decorations inside and out done.  They've been done but the cemetery project has taken some time and will take more over the next week or so.  After I finish taking pictures at the current cemetery, I'm done until spring, unless I go looking to fulfill someone's request.
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Light Ball

Back in 1997 or 1998 we were living in Sacramento in a town house.  One evening we went for a walk to look at Christmas lights and decorations.  As we were walking, I saw this light ball hanging by someone's front door.  I thought it was awesome.  A year or two later, I found directions to make it but I never did.  Every year I would have the best of intentions to make it.  On several occasions I bought the cups to make it.  Lights are never an issue.  I have a plastic tote filled with lights.

This year I have 5+ projects to make:  1. pine cone light basket, 2. light ball, 3. wreath for the kitchen, 4. wooden candle trio that is 42" tall, and 5. "NOEL" for the mantle.  The other projects are small things that I want to make to give to people.  I made the pine cone light basket on the 8th.  I made one back in 2000 which got wrecked in one of the moves or perhaps water damaged from flooding in the basement in Virginia that happened several times or the water heater in Florida that sprayed gallons of water all over.

Materials for the light ball:

50 clear plastic cups
100 miniature lights
drill w/ 1/2" bit and a smaller one for hanging
clothes pins
wire to hang

I started by drilling a 1/2" circle in the bottom center of 50+ cups.  I say 50+ because half a dozen or so may not drill great.  The cup may crinkle, the circle piece doesn't break off nicely.  Fortunately, I had purchased 60 cups and I used 56 of them.  It is could to have a spare or two for the ball in case a cup splits when stapling them together.  The bottom left cup shows the 1/2" hole.
Two cups need to be drilled in the side toward the top to run a wire through to hang it.  I made the hole on an "invisible" line the cup has so I knew they would be close enough to match up.  I think I would have moved it up 1/4" so that they were closer (as in touching).  Mine have a little gap where the wire runs through for hanging.  This could be done at the end.  If you do drill the holes right off, put these two cups aside for the top.
To make the sphere, you will make it in two halves.  The cups for each half are 12, 9 and 4.

Start by making a circle of 12 cups.  The cups naturally form the shape of the circle.  I went ahead and made the circle, holding them together with the clothes pins so you would have the visual.  These cups have a rim so I alternated with the rim of every other cup being on top.

Staple the sides of each cup together.  I used a basic desk stapler.  A plier stapler is ideal too.  I have 2-3 staples in each side.  I want mine durable to withstand winter winds outside.
Now you start with your row of 9 cups on the 12.  These you just have to add on top and next to each other.  I recommend only one staple to attach them in case you need to undo a staple and shift a little.  Once you are happy with how they are, go back and add more staples.
A picture of the second row half done adding cups.
The second row is complete and ready for 4 cups to be attached in the center.  I used 4 cups with just the bottom drilled.  This first half was the bottom of my sphere and I want the cord to come out my top.
This is what it looks like inverted when the half is together.
From the top.
Time to add the lights.  If you want to be able to run cords, then leave the plug outside the cups.  I don't plan to do that so I left mine tucked in the center.  I added two lights to each drilled hole.
Half of the sphere is made with 50 of the 100 lights inserted in the holes.
Now you get to make the second half as you did the first.  When put the lights in the holes, I didn't continue where I left off with the strand.  I did the same as before starting at the end.  Be sure to leave the plug out through the gap in the center cups.  Match up your side circles on the 2 cups at the top so you can hang it too.

This is what it looks like put together.  I used the clothes pins to hold it while I stapled both halves together.  It made it a lot easier to see where I was attaching.  You will be turning the ball some as you staple and it is surprisingly easy to lose track of where you are stapling.
This is what it looks like lit up.  Colored lights look beautiful but I chose white because I'm using it out back and want to have it up longer than the Christmas season.
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Festive Fireplace

This is the card that brought me to 80.  You can't really see from the picture, but I popped the wall up with dimensionals so that the fire and back of the fireplace are behind, recessed if you will.

Stamps:  Festive Fireplace
CS:  Season of Cheer DP, WW, Cherry Cobbler, VV, Smoky Slate
Ink:  Soft Suede, Smoky Slate, Cherry Cobbler
Blendabilities:  Old Olive, Cherry Cobbler, Daffodil Delight
Misc.:  Festive Fireside framelit, pool party marker, soft suede marker, dimesionals

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