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Valentine Wall Hanging

I took an applique class at the end of January at the local quilt shop.  I want to make wall hangings for an area of the living room that has a lot of wall space.  I decided to make a Valentine wall hanging.  Things have been busy because I've been preparing a presentation but I decided to take a break and work on this.  I spent a week on this and it moved along swiftly in the beginning.  I thought I would have it done quickly.  Then came the applique part.  Preparing the pieces and stitching.  (I did the stitching after this picture.)  I seriously entertained not bothering with the heart border.  In the end, I'm glad I did it.  The funny part is, I didn't finish it until tonight.  I sewed on the sleeve on the back and had it hanging before I made dinner.  It is done.  I appliqued!  That class was worth it!