Monday, July 27, 2015

Daisy Quilt & Garden

We got our son off on his mission earlier this month.  It has been pretty quiet around here.  I've had some cleaning/organizing projects and I've spent a lot of time on genealogy.  I pulled out this Revolution quilt that I had started in Florida.  I had already sewn all of the panels together I just needed the sashing and the border and it would be done.  Now I have a completed top and I've started another quilt that is queen size.  I've finished 12 blocks, just need to finish off the quilt.  What am I waiting for?  I bought the batting for the above quilt and will prepare for quilting after the girls are in school.  I would like to finish off the other quilt I started so I can prepare them both for quilting at the same time but I may regret that idea if I do it.

This is our little garden.  We have 12 tomato plants, some zucchini, cucumber and pepper.  I did plant green beans but either the rabbit or the woodchuck got to them.  We put a fence up around 3/4 of the garden after that.  I recently learned that if you want to keep woodchucks out of a certain area, all you need is a pail of water, 1C of vinegar and 1C of Dawn.  Equal portions of the vinegar and Dawn and it has to be Dawn, not Palmolive, Joy, etc.  Anyway, combine that and pour it around the area you want to keep them out of every 6 weeks.  I'm told it works like a charm.  The lady at the farm said she had put down some white stones as a border so she was doing the same area every time.  Glad to know of something that works.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sit Upon for Camp

I have to tell you that this is the coolest thing ever!!  We were away for a few days visiting my mom and the way we schedule it, we would be getting home late at night.  The 3 girls needed to leave before dawn for camp.  One of the items on their list was a sit-upon.  They haven't needed a sit-upon in years.  Usually they are told to bring a camp chair, which is more comfortable but I'm guessing space was an issue for transportation.  I was entertaining buying an outdoor tablecloth and cutting up, putting newspaper between the layers and stitching up the sides.  Then I came across this idea.  Score!  So easy and cheap.

As you can see from the picture above, it is a store bag and duct tape for the sides.  You really don't have to even stuff it with anything but I opted for some foam so they could have a little cushion from the rocks.  I think if you put newspaper inside, the weight of the paper would cause the handles to lift up on the tape.  Super light weight, practical, and quick to assemble.  All 3 were made in 30 minutes.
The girls told me that people at camp thought it was a good idea.  Maybe we'll see more of them next year. :)
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