Sit Upon for Camp

I have to tell you that this is the coolest thing ever!!  We were away for a few days visiting my mom and the way we schedule it, we would be getting home late at night.  The 3 girls needed to leave before dawn for camp.  One of the items on their list was a sit-upon.  They haven't needed a sit-upon in years.  Usually they are told to bring a camp chair, which is more comfortable but I'm guessing space was an issue for transportation.  I was entertaining buying an outdoor tablecloth and cutting up, putting newspaper between the layers and stitching up the sides.  Then I came across this idea.  Score!  So easy and cheap.

As you can see from the picture above, it is a store bag and duct tape for the sides.  You really don't have to even stuff it with anything but I opted for some foam so they could have a little cushion from the rocks.  I think if you put newspaper inside, the weight of the paper would cause the handles to lift up on the tape.  Super light weight, practical, and quick to assemble.  All 3 were made in 30 minutes.
The girls told me that people at camp thought it was a good idea.  Maybe we'll see more of them next year. :)
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