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Boo Wall Hanging

A few of the things that make you think of Halloween.  I love the candy corn "flowers".  I appliqued the Boo letters with orange.  I really like the pop of color rather than just plain black.  The black cat with the moon behind on the "O" is too cute, too!

Baby Shower

September was a busy month for me.  It was as if October, November, & December were combined in one as far as busyness goes.  One happy event was a baby shower I had for a new mother.  I knew her the last time we lived in Albuquerque and she was a teenager then.

My girls took a few pictures for me to help me remember what we did.  The food wasn't all out when they took the pictures but that is okay.  I felt bad that most of the food was store bought.  I would have preferred for it to be homemade but time did not allow for that. 
I would have liked to have streamers go the width of the table but it was rather frustrating because the crepe paper had a mind of its own.  This is as much as I got up before I called it good. haha
I love balloons.  I think they make it so much more festive.  I had two dozen balloons and half a dozen mylar balloons in the atrium, living room and dining room.
I hung a clothes line with the clothes I bought for Alison.  I thought it would add to the d…

Welcome Autumn Wall Hanging

Another beautiful wall hanging that I enjoyed seeing about our door.  The letters on the burlap are attached to the twine.  The ends of the twine are tacked onto the wall hanging.  It didn't get to hang too long before the one for Halloween went up.

Home Sweet Home Wall Hanging

I made this wall hanging in July and hung it for August.  I'm going to use it again for January because I'm not into having 2 snowmen and a penguin above my door.  I'm sure I would feel differently if I had little ones or I actually lived where the snow stuck around for more than a few hours.

The wall hanging itself I think is adorable.  My favorite section is the beehive with the bee buttons "flying" by the hive.  The "Home Sweet Home" is loose and hangs on the button. 

I need to come up with a better way of storing these wall hangings. than carefully folding them.  I would like to leave them laid out flat, I just need a container for that.

This next picture of the Bloc-Loc I had to share because this is the BEST tool to have for half square triangles.  It makes squaring up go so much faster.  I've had several projects, one with many squares and these make it go so much faster to square up and move on to the next step.  I was told you could use ta…