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Please Stop Laughing at Me

Another book club book. I have to confess that when I read the editorial reviews, prior to reading it, I was less than excited. It seemed like it would be a rather depressing book and as of late I've been into historical fiction and the book club has been more light reading. Still a book you could finish easily in two days.

It was interesting to read it and consider my own school days. I don't think the bullying was ever to this extent, at least that I'm aware of. I had a time in 8th grade where I stood up for someone and was picked on for it. It dropped off, perhaps because I was right back at them. The person whom I stood up for, we were friends through high school and I never got any more guff for it.

It is interesting to consider her experiences. There were times it seemed logical that she responded or felt the way she did, other times I couldn't help but to think that she was foolish, naive and immature. Given that she was given a fresh start two times, …
Stampin' Up! sent out a stamp set to all demonstrators. It will be a hostess set in the new catalog. Who doesn't like free rubber?! I wasn't too excited when I opened the package on Friday, Saturday it seemed a little more appealing. I attempted a card that is totally not my style. For some reason, I have ideas for designs but I just can't seem to get in the groove on colors. Perhaps I've been working on Christmas too long and those color schemes are in my head too much.

Giant Cupcake

Wilton has a very cool pan where you cook a cupcake in two parts, spread some frosting to put them together and decorate as you wish. The pan is going for $45 to $66 on ebay, Wilton is sold out. I never understand how the company that has their name on something can be out. Perhaps if it were new and the under-estimate the sales, but 5 months later. This shouldn't be an issue.

For no reason whatsoever, I made a cupcake. I loved how it looked with the sprinkles.