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Watering Can wall hanging

This is the wall hanging I did for the summer.  I like it because it has a flag for Independence Day and a slice of watermelon that just screams summer to me.  Watermelon is something at family reunions, after spending time outside playing, a light treat on hot day. Sunflowers are just nice, happy flowers.

Chantilly Cake

Have you ever had the Chantilly cake from Whole Foods?  It is so good!  It is also spendy.  For the smaller cake you spend $30 and the larger cake is $46.  I went in search for a cake recipe online and I found one.  The rub is, I have no clue where I found the recipe because I copied it and didn't make note of the site.  If I go to my Pinterest, I have several pinned . . . because I was on a hunt.

I will say that I'm not sure if the cake itself is true to the Chantilly cake.  I had a copycat cake recently that was light but it was from a mix.  This cake is from scratch.  I need to make another and either buy a piece of cake for $3.49 from Whole Foods to compare it or go to my friend who is a connoisseur of Chantilly cake and get her feedback.  Honestly, the latter would be more fun!

15 oz. flour
1.5 oz. cornstarch
1/8 oz.  (~3/4t) salt
1/2 oz.  (~1T) baking powder
11 oz. sugar
8 oz. butter
7 oz. egg whites, about 7 egg whites
12 oz. milk
1/2t almond extract, or to taste