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Quilt Progress

I mentioned back in January that I have started a "Saturday Sampler" quilt with a local quilt shop.  The pattern is called Ramblin' Rose Meets Jamestown.  I thought I would share what I've completed so far.  The quilt will have 12 sampler blocks that were named to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, VA and 24 log cabin blocks.
 New Colony
 Roanoke Island
 Virginia Settlement
For the log cabins, I started off with 4 pieces sewn together to start the block and had the remaining strips laid out so I could grab them easily and keep on sewing.  I'd never sewn a log cabin block before and a friend told me it is better to do them at once because you have to think about what you are doing.  With this method, I was able to leave them and come back to it a week later and pick up where I left off.
Log Cabin
I have to admit I was happy when I finished that 24th log cabin block.  It is nice to just have the one block a month to work on for this…