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Twitterpated Page

I've had a hard time with what SU offers for their digital kits and have promised myself that I would wait for them to develop their products before I got anything.  They have improved but they are still limiting and flat for my personal tastes.  With the recent free trial, I gave it a go and I think I will still have to stick with my old ways and sources for digital scrapbooking.  Perhaps it is my comfort level and not wanting to change from what I know.
I was looking at some old pictures of the twins tonight that I've always thought were fun.  They laughed so much this afternoon as they played with each other.  Their laughter makes your heart happy.
I used the Twitterpated Digital kit and Bella Rose papers for this page.


I'm still around.  I have my hand in several little projects that have taken some time to prepare for.  The most recent event was a Derby for our church.  Our Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby last weekend.  This weekend we had an open race for our church.  No rules, which means, there was a little smoke in the room.

Those trophies above, I made them.  The most expensive part was the three spark plugs that cost $5.63 all together.  For under $10, we had those awards.  For another $20, we had recognition for 16 other cars/racers.  I found some awards online that I printed off and we tied up popcorn and an absorbent cloth with some raffia.
There were a couple of cars that had rocket engines and as they zipped down the track, there was smoke and sparks.  It was a fun event and they may even make it an annual event. This wasn't a clear picture but the smoke is obvious.  The car to the left of the red one, was called a train.  It took a while to set up but when it went down the…