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I've been pretty busy lately.  We had another Webelos cross over to the Troop.  He earned his Arrow of Light and we presented him with his plaque and badge last week.

Our weather has been really good lately for this time of year.  I saw a post I made 2 years ago when we were living in FL and it showed the temperatures for the 48 states.  Now we live up north and the temperature is almost 30 degrees warmer than it was 2 years ago.  I'm sure this is all tied into the pacific's el nino .
I've been photographing cemeteries so that when the cold weather does come, I can be transcribing the photos and uploading them.  One of the cemeteries is 98% listed so it is easy to add the pictures.  Another cemetery isn't and requires more time.  I'm going to the historical society tomorrow to obtain a listing of who is there so I can be sure I'm accurate with the dates when I transcribe.
The quilt (here) that I finished at the end of September is now quilted and I'm r…