Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy Cane

I wish I took some pictures as I went along but I wanted to share with you something that I made a couple of weeks ago for a decoration outside this year.  This was a two-hour project.

In October, I bought to rolls of mesh ribbon.  One was white and the other red.  I can't visualize what I intended but I think I planned to use it above the windows . . . somewhere.  Perhaps on a wreath but I doubt that due to the size of my wreaths.  Due to the colors of the mesh, it seemed logical to make a candy cane.  I went to the store and bought some green ribbon for a bow, which I think needs to be a little lower on the candy cane but it will do for this year.

We had left over chicken wire from a science fair project last year.  I rolled it to make a cylinder shape, securing it with zip ties and then shaped it for a candy cane.  The hook of the cane wouldn't stay bent so I used some wire (silver floral wire) to connect the base of the hook to the side.  You can't even see it in the picture.  I then gathered the mesh every 10-12 inches and wrapped it with some wire and attached it to the base.  I used 21 ft. of red and 21 ft. of white mesh ribbon.

It looks nice with the sun on it because there is a shine/sparkle to the mesh so it glistens in the light.
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