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Cathedral Window Ornament

Our DAR Chapter has a Christmas luncheon today.  I wanted to make an ornament for a "favor" of sorts.  I thought it would be nice for everyone to have something.  When fabric went on sale in July I bought what I would need for this project.  One part of me really would liked to have used Christmas fabrics but I kept in mind this is for a patriotic group and they can hang it off a door knob or cabinet, etc. and use it year round.  I hope they like it.

I tried to remember to take pictures as I went through the process.  I made 64 of these ornaments in an assembly line sort of way in that I did each step for all of them and then moved on to the next step. 

The Main Fabric is 10" x10"
       Center fabric (lower right) is 5" x 5"
       Accent fabric measures 4.5" x 4.5"
       Backing is 5" x 5" (not pictured)
       Ribbon is 8"

Start by folding the fabric in half and pressing and then folding it in half the other direction and pre…