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Still Around

Christmas, traditions, and a long list of "want to do" kept me pretty busy.  I'm embarrassed to say that I still need to get 'thank you' cards written and mailed off.  Stamped might even be good but I do have my trusty box of ready-made cards that never seem quite right for the person I need a card for.

In December I tried to participate in 2 photo challenges for the month.  I ended up very behind and was still playing catch-up well into January.  There were some duplicates on both lists and I found I got pictures of the details but didn't seem to get as many of the people and I'm usually better at that.  Somehow, I need to find that happy medium of both.  I like the details but the people/family are more important to me.

The month I started with a quilting group that meets once a month.  We are making the "Ramblin Rose Meets Jamestown" quilt this year.  I'm making the squares as they are but I'm modifying the log cabin part of the quil…