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Apple with Caramel Cream Cheese Dip

I found this gem of an idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a perfect little thank you for all of the teachers and leaders that work with the kids in Primary at church.  I included Scout leaders and Activity Day Leaders, which meant that I needed 36. I set out on a hunt for these cute, little 4 oz. jars.  A couple of months ago I saw a lot of them but now it was hard to find it.  After several unsuccessful trips, I ended up going 30 minutes away to another store that showed they had enough cases in stock.  Super easy to make and well received.

For 8 jars, you will need:
     1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
     10 pkgs. (2 oz. ea.) caramel dipping sauce
     2 Skor bars or a bag of Heath toffee bits
     8 apples
     8 (1/2C or 4 oz.) Mason or Ball jars

Mix the cream cheese with 2 of the dips.  Divide it between the 8 jars.  Clean the rim after it you smoosh it down and smooth it.  Spread 1 pkg. of the caramel dip on the cream cheese layer in each jar.  Top with crushed S…