Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank You Card

My daughter needed a thank you card and everything I wanted to do, I just didn't have time for.  I ended up looking on Pinterest and saw a card like this with the left lace punch.  It looked simple enough so I went for it.  This is the type of card to do in a workshop, taking all of 5 minutes.  I would have preferred a different stamps for the "thank you" but I used what was on my desk at the time.  

Stamps:  Four You
CS:  WW, Island Indigo, Pool Party
Ink:  Island Indigo
Misc.:  Silver mini brads, pool party ruffled ribbon, 2-way glue pen, lace punch
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Block 6 - Stormy Voyage

I realized this morning that I never posted my square for June.  I was excited to do this block because from a distance it has a more curved appearance, however, up close, you can see that it is all straight edges.  Once again, the method for making it stretched me and I don't know that I really know the proper way that the instructions had but in the end, I did it and it came perfectly so I'm happy.

I need to put the binding on the table runner I've been working on and then I'll share it here.  I quilted it Monday so I would have a little practice for my free motion quilting class on Tuesday. The table runner has straight lines forming a diamond that gradually enlarges.  I should have used the walking foot for that but I really wanted to practice with the quilting foot.  I still want to practice some of the designs (i.e., double flower, feather, etc.) we worked on there, but I think I did very well for it being my first time.  

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stippled Blossoms

I started off with the card on the right but I couldn't use the ribbon because it is retired.  I was so sad to look through my ribbon and see so many colors that matched the ink on the card but it isn't "current" so I couldn't use it.  Of course, the ribbon I could have used didn't match.  A color change was in order and I ended up going with the card on the left.  After I used the diamond gems, I couldn't help but wonder how many others were in the same predicament.  I added another layer with the Primrose Petals CS.  I like the clean and simple look of the card on the right layered with WW.
I did a close up so you could see the scoring on the card a little better.

Stamps:  Stippled Blossoms, Blooming with Kindness
CS:  WW, Primrose Petals
Ink:  Primrose Petals, Raspberry Ripple, Pear Pizzazz, Old Olive, So Saffron
Markers:  Primrose Petals, Raspberry Ripple, Pear Pizzazz, Old Olive
Misc.:  Dimensionals, basic jewels, simply scored scoring tool.
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Monday, July 8, 2013

A Smelly Topic

I seem to be slowly converting to making some of my own items due to the chemicals that exist in what is offered at the store.  12 years ago I went through a phase of making my own cleaners so I wouldn't have to worry about my kids getting into something they shouldn't.  I got lazy about it several years later and went for the convenience of buying.  About 7-9 years ago I started making my own laundry soap because it saved us money and still did the job.  Two years ago I started buying essential oils and used them with household cleaners I would make or for personal care.  I've moved on to a whole new level now - deodorant!

I started off by making the spray and the roll-on for myself and my girls.  We are 50/50 as far as liking the spray and the roll-on.  I prefer the spray but I'm very liberal with squirting myself and it probably doesn't last as long (4-5 days) in the bottle due to that.  I've never had any odor using the spray.  When I run out of the spray, I switch to the roll-on.

My first round with the roll-on, I kept having armpititus on my right side.  I couldn't figure out if I just didn't apply it well enough or do I have over-active sweat glands on the right side?  I added more of the oils and I haven't had a problem since.  It actually seems odd to me that the roll-on that is twice the size of the spray would call for the same amount of essential oils.  I'm perfectly OK with the fact that I've doubled the essential oils in the roll-on and I don't stink.

After using the spray and roll-on for a month or so, I decided to give the solid a try.  I've been using the solid deodorant for a week now.  I've never had armpititus with it.  As far as smell goes, I prefer it to the spray or roll-on (there is a smell with them, albeit clean, but a smell nevertheless).  My only downside with the deodorant is that it isn't really "solid" here in Florida. If I keep it in the refrigerator, problem solved.  I don't do that though.  I just raise it up a smidgen, apply it and wipe the outside before putting the lid on.  I've mastered applying it with just a little needing to be wiped off.  I think the reason it isn't solid because our house is set at 76 degrees, which is the temperature that coconut oil melts.  Perhaps if I made it 2T of beeswax pellets, it would be suitable for Florida weather.  Note in the picture that I have it raised a little bit, I don't have it that high when I apply it.

I believe I got all of these recipes from One Good Thing by Jillee.  Her sight is brilliant with loads of ideas.  Below is what I'm using and having success with.  The site recommends 10 drops of each EO.

4 ml spray bottle
10 drops each - lemon, lavender, frankincense or tea tree EO
fill the rest of the way with witch hazel

1/3 oz. roll-on bottle
15-20 drops each - lemon, lavender, frankincense, tea tree EO
fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil

3 deodorant containers
1/2C coconut oil
1-1/2T beeswax pellets
1/2C baking soda
1/2C cornstarch
15-20 drops each - lemon, lavender, frankincense EO

Melt the coconut oil and beeswax pellets over very low heat.  Remove from heat and stir in baking soda and cornstarch until creamy and smooth.  Add essential oils.  Pour into containers and let cool.  
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Floral or Summer Swap

I hosted a swap last month.  The number of participants was few so everyone mailed the cards to each other.  I didn't expect to get any cards from anyone because I only sent e-mail reminders.  I didn't have to do any of the sorting and mailing back that is usually associated with a swap.  I didn't receive a card from all swappers but I did receive a few.
 by Barb Baynard
 by Sherry Davis
 by Lynn Lipchak
by Sherry Davis
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