Block 6 - Stormy Voyage

I realized this morning that I never posted my square for June.  I was excited to do this block because from a distance it has a more curved appearance, however, up close, you can see that it is all straight edges.  Once again, the method for making it stretched me and I don't know that I really know the proper way that the instructions had but in the end, I did it and it came perfectly so I'm happy.

I need to put the binding on the table runner I've been working on and then I'll share it here.  I quilted it Monday so I would have a little practice for my free motion quilting class on Tuesday. The table runner has straight lines forming a diamond that gradually enlarges.  I should have used the walking foot for that but I really wanted to practice with the quilting foot.  I still want to practice some of the designs (i.e., double flower, feather, etc.) we worked on there, but I think I did very well for it being my first time.  

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