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Memorial Day

For Memorial Day my husband and I went to a program at the Veterans Memorial.  Since I planned to be there, he volunteered to carry one of the state flags for the base.  He had his part, too.
A beautiful wreath our chapter donated for the service.  All of the state flags standing under the American flag at the rehearsal.   The military carrying in the state flags.
 Fly over.  Mayor Tim Keller speaking.  Canon fire.  Bagpipes.  I love the bagpipes!


I came home today to find a snake next to my door.  To get to my door you have to go through an wrought iron door.  This door is another story but I want to stick to the snake.  As I was headed to the door I noticed the snake to the right in the corner.  I may have let out a scream.  I yelled for my son.  He came opened the door and the dog ran out.  Mind you, at this time I didn't know what type of snake this was, just that it was BIG.  The snake was still there and it started to move forward a little.  I yelled to my son about the snake being there and to shut the door.  I didn't want it in the house.  The dog ran out to greet me.  Mind you, our dog is small.  As in she weighs all of 9-1/2 lbs.  The cat is bigger than this dog.  All I could think is this snake would be scared and bite her or eat her.

My son is finding my reaction hysterically funny and telling me to get in the house.  I went in and set all of my things down.  By now all of the kids are at the door.  Then I&…

Rock Painting

This week for Activity Day girls, we painted rocks.  These are some samples I did to give ideas.  The idea was that they would go and leave them in plain site when they are at the park, library, shopping, etc. to brighten someone's day.  We had a fun night of being creative with paints and enjoying talking and laughing with each other.  After they were done painting they played a game.

Fortunately here in New Mexico it is very easy to come across rocks that you can paint.  However, I chose to go to a place that sells gravel and bought cobble there.  I went with a small bucket that is a little bigger than a paint can and paid a couple of dollars for them.  I was able to pick the rocks out myself so I could get smooth, shaped, etc.  I rinsed them off and let them dry.  I put a base coat of white or black on some so they could get right to painting if they wanted to.  Some were left with no background color and they could paint a design on them leaving the stone as the background.  …

Graduations Galore

We had several graduation parties to go to this weekend.  I made these cards using everyone's school colors.  The graduation stamp set I used is not from Stampin' Up! but the die cut numbers are as well as the card stock, twine, and embossing powder.

It is hard to see the images on the black background that I embossed but this picture shows it well enough.
My son's girlfriend graduated from college!  Yay!!