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More details on the Poinsettia Box

I really appreciated all of the comments I got from the blog hop and through e-mail.  I wish I had the time to for a tutorial but time is something I lack.  Someone could get rich if they could bottle time and sell it because so many are looking for more of it.  
I've had quite a few e-mails with questions on various aspects of the box and I've been responding to them as they come in.  I thought I would post some of the answers here in case anyone else is trying to make it.  
Question:  How did you cut the DP for the box? Answer:  I'm sure there is an easier way than what I did but this is what I did.  I cut a petal cone on scrap paper and cut at the score line and then proceeded to cut the other edges so I was left with one panel.  I then cut off from each side 1/8".  I used that as a template.
Question:  When I stamp the leaf you said you used on the poinsettia, it doesn't cover the petal.  What did you do? Answer:  I stamped the outer edge of the petals first and …

SUStars Gift-Giving Ideas Blog Hop

I hope you are seeing a lot of great ideas to help spark your creativity on gift-giving.  You probably just came here from Shelly's blog.   Welcome!
I'm happy to share this cute box with you today.  I saw a Halloween themed one that I thought was darling.  I wanted to make something similar and this provided the perfect opportunity. I didn't secure the poinsettia on top because I don't have anything in the box but you get the idea.  I used the Petal Cone die and cut three of the cones for this box.  Every other flap has the red scallop border.
To make the poinsettia, I used the Island Floral die, the Stocking Accents die, and the 5 Petal Flower punch.  The light bulb from the Stocking Accents die is a perfect shape and is a little smaller, complimenting the 3-petal cluster from the Island Floral die.  The second layer from the top has a mix of the single petal from the Island Floral die and the light bulb, because it is true of poinsettias to have larger and smaller sizes…