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The YW had an auction to raise money for girls camp.  They did quite well raising more than they needed.  We were very surprised when a cake the girls did sold for $150.  It was the last thing auctioned off and several times during the auction my daughter commented she wanted it to be auctioned because she was curious what it would go for.  She decided it was saved for last because they expected it to go for good money.
I made a small throw for the auction.  The pattern rated it as a throw, I consider it a quilt best for a toddler or preschooler.  It measured 41x49.  I was very grateful that it was small because I cut the fabric on Monday and was turning it in for the auction 4 days later.
I used leftover strips from the front on the back to add some color.
The girls also made a batch of homemade brownies to auction off.  The other cake that was made stuck to the bundt pan on top and it wasn't pretty but we sure enjoyed eating it.

Pray Painting

A friend of mine and I went to a place that was new to us to paint.  The owners were wonderful and friendly.  The class size was smaller, which made it nice for the hands-on help if you needed it.  When I mentioned this place to her, there were a couple of other paintings that I thought she would enjoy doing but this is what she chose.  I was happy because this is something that is nice for our home but I can also see it used in a display at church some day.