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A Little Stamping Time

I took a little time last week to sit at my desk and stamp a little.  I've been going through my stamps and all the things that go with it to sell, donate, and send to my second cousin.  I ended up sending her around $750 worth of stamps, paper, punches and embellishments.  One of things in my stash is several flavors of washi tape.  I've used it on one card, loved the ease and then it has sat in my drawer.  I made several quick thank you cards that my son can use to thank family that has come from out of town to attend his graduation.

The next card gives me a little jump start on Christmas cards.  Eight cards down 100+ to go. I'm not anticipating being behind this year with cards due to being in a new area and I don't imagine I will be as overly involved as I will be by the end of our assignment.
I saw this next card as a birthday card on Pinterest.  I was considering it as a Mother's Day card but I think it is best suited as a birthday card.  Still need to stamp…

Mississippi Mud Cake

I came across a recipe recently that was glorified Rice Krispie Treats.  They would have been glorified for me because they were chocolate.  They used the plain Rice Krispies but chocolate was added.  Rice Krispie Treats are okay, but you'll never hear me say, "Hey, you know what would be good right now?  Rice Krispie Treats."  I think of kids when I think of them and that is exactly why I would have been making them.  My kids would have liked them.
I called my mother the other day to ask her a question regarding the characteristics desired as a wife, mother, etc.  I mentioned her mother in the conversation and how she always thought well of everyone no matter what they said or did.  My mom then asked, "What do you think my mother would say to your question?"  
When it came time to use the mini marshmallows, I had my grandmother on my mind and ended up using them to make her Mississippi Mud Cake.  Yum!  Normally it is made in a 9x13 pan but this time I used a …