Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still Around

Christmas, traditions, and a long list of "want to do" kept me pretty busy.  I'm embarrassed to say that I still need to get 'thank you' cards written and mailed off.  Stamped might even be good but I do have my trusty box of ready-made cards that never seem quite right for the person I need a card for.

In December I tried to participate in 2 photo challenges for the month.  I ended up very behind and was still playing catch-up well into January.  There were some duplicates on both lists and I found I got pictures of the details but didn't seem to get as many of the people and I'm usually better at that.  Somehow, I need to find that happy medium of both.  I like the details but the people/family are more important to me.

The month I started with a quilting group that meets once a month.  We are making the "Ramblin Rose Meets Jamestown" quilt this year.  I'm making the squares as they are but I'm modifying the log cabin part of the quilt so the lines aren't on the quilt but form a border of sorts.  I'm happy with the first square and glad I won't be rushing the night before the next gathering to get it done.
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