Camera Shy . . . Maybe

We were on vacation for two weeks.  When we were at my cousins house for a cookout, I was taking pictures of the family and my daughter didn't want to look at the camera.  I continually took pictures until she would look and smile.  At least I didn't start singing some made up song because then she would have been embarrassed.  I don't know why they don't like my songs.

Some day I'll get to all of the other pictures and make pages for them.  We went to DC to visit friends and to go to Arlington National Cemetery and the Mall with all of the monuments/memorials.  We were stationed there from 01-05 but the twins don't remember too much of the sights.  The older two remembered the places we visited.

We also went to Massachusetts for a couple of days and did the usual things we do when visiting there (family, shopping at Bob's, duck pin bowling, Faneuil Hall, etc.) and we went to the JFK Library.  Then we went to Pennsylvania for the shopping and tours in an Amish-Mennonite area.  Next on our trip was a stop in Ohio for the Kirtland Temple.  Then we went on to Kentucky to visit with family and to Indiana for a family reunion.  I wanted to stop by Red River Gorge on the way home but everyone just wanted to get home so we skipped the stop.  It is at the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky and has had the comparison of Arches east of the Mississippi.  Would still love to see it.

Crazy busy 2 weeks with a lot of driving and visiting.
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