I am in LOVE with this quilt!!  This is the 2015 Quiltville Mystery Quilt.  My second time doing a mystery quilt.  This is just the top.  It still needs to be quilted and have the binding sewn on.  This took me about 6 weeks to make, albeit 2 of the weeks I didn't touch it because I had other things needing my attention or I was procrastinating.  I knew Part 4 was going to take a long time.  I skipped it and went on to Part 5.  Then I had to suck it up.  It didn't disappoint with the amount of time it took to do it.

I haven't uploaded pictures to my computer of the different steps but they are on Instagram.

This took me about 100 hours and it has somewhere around 2,328 pieces.  So worth the effort.
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