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January 2013 I joined a "Saturday Sampler" at a local quilt shop.  Each month you were given a block to do and the following month if you came back with the completed block, they gave you the next block to put together for free.  If you didn't have the previous block done, you could buy the block kit for that month.  I'm thinking it was $7 or $8.  I'm not really sure because I'm motivated by "free" to get things done.

There was a Log Cabin bundle of material available to make 23 log cabin blocks.  I'm thinking the instructions must have said to make 24 because I had that many and only 23 were needed to make the quilt below.
When I assembled this quilt, I wasn't in love with the yellow diagonal stripes but I did like how the blocks stood out.  I changed the layout of the blocks and used the 24th log cabin I had previously made to complete this new design.  I liked this layout but it was too yellow for me and I felt like the blocks were muddled together.
I added some sashing to break it up some.Truth be told, I would have like the log cabins flipped so the darker material created a border around the main blocks but then the outer border wouldn't have existed. I wasn't sure I had enough material to make another inner border.  Turns out I did but I'm still happy with the way this turned out.  The quilt is 90 x 90.
I had the blocks made for over 2 years and never assembled the quilt because of that yellow line.  I'm happy to have it done now.  The other great thing is that I've finished every quilt I've started now.

I still have fabric for about half a dozen quilts that I want to make for various people.  My next project is a Dr. Suess quilt for an auction.  I'm looking forward to it.
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