Snowman Candy Dish

We had an activity last month for those that wanted to make these candy dishes.  I made one for my husband to use on his desk at work.  We spray painted the terra cotta flower pot (base of snowman) and the saucer (hat) with spray paint.  While they dried we painted the wooden knob for the hat and the face on frosted glass bowl.  I think they bought clear glass bowls and they sprayed them with a frosted finish.  Once everything was dry we glued the knob on the saucer.  We glued the face to the flower pot base and attached a ribbon.  I brought mine home and added some dazzling diamonds glitter to the rim of the hat and I used some Stampin' Up! buttons and rhinestones to jazz him up a little.

I put some of the peppermint butter mints in it for him to take to work but I also sent a bag of M&Ms.  He told me the candy went a lot faster when it was the M&Ms.

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