Saturday Sampler

 At the end of December when the rush the holidays bring was settling down I finally looked to see what stamp stores are near me.  I looked at the website of the one that is closest to me and saw that they have a Saturday Sampler.  There was 20 minutes before they closed so I rushed over and inquired about it.  It turns out that this started back in October but someone had dropped so they had room for me.  I signed up then and there and went back Dec. 30th to pick up 3 months of fabric.

Let me tell you a couple of things about this.  I had agreed to sign up before I even knew what they were doing.  Part of this was I want to meet more people in the area.  I want to know the workers at the quilt shop that will hopefully be the one I frequent most.  I asked to see what we were making after I signed up and I wasn't excited. This is a modern quilt, I tend to lean toward traditional.  It is all solid fabrics.  I like prints.  I left thinking if nothing else, my kids will have a new quilt to cuddle under while they watch TV.

The first block I tried is ginormous!  It is 36".  I cut the fabric wrong and had to go to the shop to buy more.  They were gracious enough to cut me some slack and they gave me what I needed.  I don't make measurement errors when it comes to quilting.  If I've ever had to re-cut a piece it is because my ruler slipped and I didn't get a straight line.  I've bought boo boo kits for quilts and never needed them.  I came back home and kept working and don't you know I messed up again.  Gah!  I'm going to have to buy some fabric and you'll see that block this month.

The blocks above are what I need to have done to get my next 4 blocks of fabric.

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