Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

This is one of the books I bought last fall and I never read it. Recently I loaned several books to a friend and this was one of them. Oddly, it bothered me that she had read books of mine that I hadn't read, so I began reading.

Yet another book that you have to adjust to the writing style initially but it is an easy and good read. There are several parts that I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I noted pages to share with my husband when he came home because I thought they were so funny. I even called a friend to read a couple of things to her.

I would love to have an Elner Shimfissle in my life. At least I think I would. Perhaps it would get tiring with the questions, or excitement of things we tend to overlook in our busyness, but she seems like she would be a hoot and bring a lot of laughter and fun stories to share and treasure.

The main part of this book is Elner, climbs a ladder for some figs, gets stung by wasps, falls and dies (or does she?). It goes through family and friends, how they respond and recollections of Elner. After being dead about ~5 hours, she comes back to life. The reaction of the hospital, family and friends as they undo the mis-information, try to cover their tracks after proclaiming her dead and family and the changes that come to them through the experience. It is interesting how one life touches so many. Delightful book.

Some of my favorite funny parts are when Elner is questioning the greatest mystery of life - which came first the chicken or the egg. This causes her to think there is an error in the Bible.

"There was a long silence on the other end. Then Elner said, 'Well, you've got me there. I guess I need to do some more thinking about it. Oh, shoot. Here I was thinking I'd just solved one of the great mysteries of the world, but I still think there's a chance that Eve came first and the men who wrote the Bible changed it around at the last minute so they could be first, and if that's so, we may have to rethink the entire Bible."

Another favorite for me:
A friend asking "What if you had the chance to see all of your family again?"
Tot responds, "Hell no, I didn't want to see most of them when they were alive."

Then there is the part of how wonderful she thinks Thomas Edison is for electricity and it tells how on his birthday she turns on all of her electrical appliances at once and leaves them on all day to celebrate.

Last quote:

"Marriage. Isn't it great? Each time you fall back in love with your wife, it gets better and better."


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