The Freedom Writer's Diary

Okay, so here's the thing . . . I enjoyed reading the book, which I'll get into a moment, however, two things really bothered me: 1) how many edits they must have gone through. I think it would have been better for me to have a high school student's writing. I can't help but wonder how much was lost through editing. Perhaps things made stronger or toned down some. It doesn't come off as a high school students writing. 2) The comparison they continually made to Anne Frank, Zlata and themselves. While I realize what the kids face today I have a hard time correlating it to either of these young women.

The entries are good and when I started reading the book, I thought the writings were pretty in depth for an entry. My journal could stand to be so well thought out. There are many entries that you may be able to identify with through personal experience, what you see in your own area or perhaps what your kids deal with in school. Sometimes I could figure out who wrote the entry and other times it was harder.

Not the quick read I've become accustomed to lately but worth the time it takes to get through it.


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