Shades of Brown

I took advantage of the great sales available for scrapbooking day. I saw a kit by Graziela Mendes called Shades of Brown and I wanted to buy it just because of the ongoing joke we have about the many shades of brown in New Mexico. I used to carry a picture with me of our kids on a green lawn because our front yard is rocks here (as you can see on the page). Green seems so lush to me now and stirs something up within when we visit other states on our trips. Oddly enough, you can even tell when you cross over to Colorado because there is more color than there is here. It is strange how quickly it happens at the state line.

Here is the funny thing though. We are moving back to Florida and the grass there is called St. Augustine. Where I'm from we call that crab grass and we try to kill it off - in Florida you want to grow it because it is your lawn.

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  1. I love the shades of brown in this! I've only ever done one scrap book~ we dog sit and I made a 'story' for the owners so they got to see what their dogs got up to while they were away. Wish I had some of your papers though, they are sooo cool!



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