'Pudding' Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Today was one of those Sundays when the those that are somehow tied to Primary (i.e., teachers, nursery leaders, cub scouts, activity days, etc.) got a little something to thank them for all they do.  I try to do something every month.  Some months my "gift" is spendy and some months it isn't.  This is one of those months that ran pretty cheap for me.  I already had the cellophane bags, cardstock and ribbon so I only needed to buy the pudding and spoons.  The pudding was on sale = BONUS!!  I put together 36 bags for $8.

We have a song in our hymn book called Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel.  I found this to be a fun play on that.  The idea came from Pinterest with a tag ready made that you could print, which I didn't use.  I wanted it to look a little more snazzy.  I typed the quote and printed it on Crumb Cake cardstock and whisper white for the circle portion of the tag.  I used the Two Tags die, scallop punch, and 1-3/8 circle punch to make the tag.

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