Arrow of Light

I'm really pleased with how these awards turned out and the boys were jazzed to receive them.  Some knew I had name plates engraved but I didn't tell them much other than there was an arrow, which there always is at an Arrow of Light ceremony.
The blue on the arrows above are post-it notes with the boys names on them.  Just in case they got separated when transporting, it would be quick to identify who it belonged to.

My husband went to the store to buy the wood to save me limping (I'm on the mend).  He bought wood that had knots in it.  I have to say I wasn't jazzed at the time because I thought he went cheap and I wanted these to be nice but I have to say once they are stained, it adds character and looks good.  Down side to knots in the wood is if they are on the edge when you are routing, there is a good chance you are going to need to fill the area with wood putty.

These boards are 24 inches long from the center.  I used a cereal bowl as my guide to round the ends and cut them with my scroll saw.  A friend has a router and took care of the edges for  me.  You could get away with not doing that, but it does look snazzier with the routed border.  My husband drilled holes for me and cut my 3/4" dowel into 2-3/4" pegs.  I sanded the pegs, rounding one end and I used my dremel to make groove about a 1/2" in from the end on each peg to hold the arrow.  I glued the pegs into the board in the morning and stained them that night.  I sealed them the next day and attached the name plates which have their name, Arrow of Light, date & Cub Scout Pack #.

The arrows I bought.  I've bought arrows online before, I've made them with a dowel and hunted down materials to make them.  This time around I went to the Scout shop and bought arrow making kits, stained the wood and assembled them.  I then painted on each arrow what they have earned (aka career arrow).

Yellow - 1" - Arrow of Light
Purple - 1" - Religious Knot
Black - 1/2" - Activity Badges
Darker Blue - 1" - Webelos Badge
Silver - 1/2" - Silver Arrow Points
Gold - 1/2" - Gold Arrow Points
Green - 1" - Bear rank
Red - 1" - Wolf Rank
Lighter Blue - 1" - Bobcat 

I matched the paint to the badges with acrylic paints I had on hand.  I had to mix colors for a couple but they turned out well.  
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