Wood Snowmen

Thought I'd share a quick, inexpensive and easy craft today.  The snowmen are kind of cute to add as a decoration in the winter.  I need to swap out the hats and scarves because they don't match and I would like some brighter colors, but you get the idea. 

The wood for the snowmen is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2".  The tall snowman is 11-1/2", the middle snowman is 9-1/2" and the smallest is 8-1/2".  A quick coat or two of white paint on the wood.  

Once the paint is dried, you can decorate the bottom with buttons, use felt for the scarves and the hats are baby socks!  The two smaller snowmen have the toe of the sock and the tall one has the leg part of the sock.  Gather it at the top with an elastic and use another elastic to secure it to the wood and roll the sock up a little for a brim.  The middle snowman has a bead glued on for an embellishment.

The face is done primarily with markers.  The cheeks used actual blush with Q-tips to apply.  A white pen to add highlights to the eyes. 

I would recommend having the hat on when you start the face.  I think all of my faces could have been a little higher.  Something you really only notice if you are taking a good look at them though. ;)
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