America Wall Hanging

Last week I took a break from working on the 2017 - 2018 programs for our DAR meetings and started working on this "bench pillow" by Kimberbell Designs.  I was motivated by July coming soon and I wanted this displayed before the holiday.  I waffled on keeping it as a pillow cover but still hanging it on the wall but for some reason I just can't bring myself to think of using it as a bench pillow.  I think it will take up the seat and people won't sit there or my family will use it and it will end up dirty and perhaps oily if they sleep on it.  I know, I know, it is washable but it is hard to get out oil stains from skin/hair on lighter fabrics.
I called my husband at work Monday afternoon and suggested he may want to come home.  Probably should have started that differently as his mind probably thought something was wrong with his mother.  I quickly told him the wall hanging was done, I just needed to buy the curtain rod and I knew he would be anxious to hang it up.  I ended the call letting him know that I would understand if he came home from work early.  I picked up the curtain rod when I went to pick up one of our daughter's friends. Good man that he is, he changed after work and began measuring to install the curtain rod above the door.
Kimberbell has 13 different bench pillow designs.  I plan to make 11 of them.  Maybe I'll make the 12th but I don't view it as something of much use here.  The one I'm considering skipping has 2 snowmen and a penguin on the cover.  We don't get snow too frequently and if we do, it is gone by noon.  I won't be making the "Canada" one either.  I do love how cheery they are.  Our living room is open to the atrium, well there are arches, but if you are seated in the recliner or on one section of the couch, you can see it hanging happily above the door.  Love it!


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