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A couple of days ago I was talking with a friend and by the end of the conversation there was no way not to look at yourself and see your faults and how you respond to certain situations. It wasn't a time where you would be patting yourself on the back, but instead asking, 'why am I like this?' After pondering the question for a bit I thought I figured out the why and I called her to talk more. We both ended up feeling better and know of yet another thing we need to work on. I made a card for her. I was going to write the many reasons why I love her to help her feel better about herself. She seemed bothered by her internal analysis and, like so many, she can beat herself up over small faults.

I used her favorite colors on the card and it had lots of bling. It was rather simple looking, just a square card. I had a large flower that took up most of the card, which I pulled apart and made a flower center with a few layers, using the True Friend stamp from Stampin' Up!

She really liked the card, but how I wish I took a minute to snap a picture of it.


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