Oh my!!

Every Wednesday after school we go to the library and then I drop off the older two at piano lessons and I take the twins to park to pass an hour of time. This past week was no different. While they were playing on the playground equipment I sat on a bench and looked through a book that I had checked out. While reading, I felt something on my arm. I went to brush it off and lo and behold, it was a tarantula! I'm horribly afraid of spiders but a tarantula! I made some sort of squealing noise and one of the girls asked why I screamed. The first swipe wasn't enough, it was still there but after several quick swipes it was gone. I wanted to see where it was on the ground just to be sure it really was off of me. I couldn't find it in the grass. In all honestly I didn't look too hard. I really didn't want to see it again. I switched benches and continued to be freaked out for a bit. I checked in my pocketbook a couple of times to be sure I wouldn't be carrying one into the van. Thing is, it had to have been on the bench, walked on my pants, shirt and then to my arm. I was wearing capris so I would have felt it on my legs. Still shudder to think about it.


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