The Boleyn Inheritance

I was looking forward to another round of King Henry VIII with his wives and this didn't disappoint. The story is told through three viewpoints: Jane, Lady Rochford, widow of the executed George Boleyn; Anne, King Henry's 4th wife; and Katherine, King Henry's 5th wife. After reading this book, you come away with a respect for Anne of Cleves, as you would have for Katherine of Aragon. Anne was most proper and didn't want to do anything that would be disgraceful. Kitty was quite annoying with her self-indulgent behavior and attitude. The complete opposite of what Anne was. It was something when Jane was confronted by the Duke on why she would never be married again and how she served only herself and didn't care for her husband. It seemed it was at that point that Jane could no longer justify what she had done to her husband and sister-in-law.

Of all the books by Phillipa Gregory relating to King Henry VIII and his wives, I would say this The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance while sometimes dark, has its humor. The Constant Princess was much more serious. These three are my favorite of what she has written on this topic. Each book brings something different and is an interesting read.


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