The Constant Princess

Having read The Other Boleyn Girl, The Virgin's Lover and The Queen's Fool last October, I enjoyed getting back into the Tudor court. It wasn't as quick of a read as the first two I listed, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book, The Constant Princess, delves into Katherine's life at Infanta Catalina, Princess of Spain and her parents crusade against the Moors. It talks of how she was raised as princess of Spain and England since she was betrothed to Arthur and would one day be Queen of England. It was lovely romance between Katherine and her first husband Arthur, which lasted less than a year. She made a death bed promise to him that she would marry his brother Harry (Henry VIII) to be Queen of England. To take us through her time while she waited for Harry to come of age and ultimately it was the death of his father that allowed them to get married. In this book, she endured much and was graceful and determined. Her strength and power were wonderfully written of and I enjoyed reading from her viewpoint.


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