Dutch Oven One Pot Dinner

All of the family was gathered in Colorado this weekend. We couldn't be there for the whole weekend due to travel, we went Saturday as a surprise. It is rare for everyone to be together like that and we couldn't miss the opportunity. I usually bring food for a meal when we go, but because they weren't expecting us at all, I needed to find out what was on the menu and and go with that. One of the meals was a dutch oven stew. We had done one the previous week when we were there and it was delicious but I decided to make one with a little different flavor.

I found this recipe and we all enjoyed the barbecue flavor. I would recommend when spooning off the juice after browning the meat that you reserve some in case you need it. It was on the dry side but my husband just drained it off near the fire pit.

You can see in the pit there are 3 dutch ovens. Two of the dutch ovens had stew and the third was a cherry/peach/pineapple cobbler.

Byron's One Pot Dinner

(1) 3lb. london broil; cut into 1" cubes (I used stew meat)
2 medium yellow onions; sliced thick
7 cloves garlic; minced
6-8 carrots; cut into 1" pieces
2 medium bell peppers; cut into 1" pieces
1-1/2C mushrooms; sliced (I omitted)
6-8 med. potatoes; cut into 1" cubes
2C barbecue sauce
1C salsa
rosemary sprigs

Meat Marinade
1/3C red wine vinegar
1/4C balsamic vinegar
1/4C Worcestershire sauce
2T soy sauce
5 cloves garlic
1/2t Tobasco sauce
1/2C olive oil

Advance Preparation: Prepare the marinade in a blender by blending to puree first 6 ingredients. Continue blending while adding olive oil slowly until oil is completely emulsified. Put cubed meat into a large Ziploc bag and add marinade. Seal the bag and shake to completely coate meat. Refrigerate for 12-24 hours turning meat twice.

Heat a 12" deep dutch oven using 22-24 briquettes bottom. Drain marinade off the meat and add meat to hot oven and fry until brown. Spoon off most of the juice. Add onions and garlic. Stir, then cover and cook until onions are translucent. Add carrots, bell pepper and mushrooms. Cover and bake using 10-12 briquettes bottom and 14-16 briquettes top for 20 minutes. Add potatoes, barbecue sauce and salsa and stir to mix. Place 3 sprigs of rosemary on top. Cover and cook 30-45 minutes using 10-12 briquettes bottom and 12-14 briquettes top heat. Stir pot gently every 10 minutes removing rosemary from top before and replacing after. When vegetables are done remove rosemary and discard.

Serves: 10-12


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