Just Add Water

Several weeks ago we watched Holly while her mother had surgery on her shoulder. Holly is a blast and while a child, makes adult comments that make you laugh and smile. The first time I met Holly she greeted us at the door, introduced herself, their dog and asked "what's your name?" At one point during the visit she asked if we would like something to drink.

Fast forward a several months. I see her out one day and she gives a curtsy and said, "Your Highness". How can you not love someone that addresses you in that manner.

Another month or so goes by and I watched her while her mother attended class (her usual sitter was on vacation). This meant she had to make school runs with me. We played at the park while we waited for my son's school to get out. While we were waiting for the girls school to end, she asked to go in. On our way into the school, my son walked on the grass and she told him to walk on the sidewalk, then she asked if he was alright. As we walked through the halls with one of my daughter's teachers, she walked very quietly, put her finger to her lip and "sshhh"ed us. Her expressions and mannerisms are priceless and we look forward to any opportunity we have for her to spend some time with us.


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