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When we were taking lights off of the tree and winding them up the kids brought in pipe cleaners and cut some up so we could secure them and not have a tangled mess next year. It is an easy way of doing it and we've done like this for years. However, I seem to lose some of them every year and need to cut more when we are putting the lights away.

The kids were making things from the pipe cleaners and once a pair of glasses was made they all did it thinking they looked like Steve Urkel. They wanted the title to include something with the word "Nerds" in it and I couldn't come up with anything. Still couldn't think of thing and dubbed it after the person they were trying to emulate. One of them even hiked up their pants, although you can't see it in the picture.

I used several kits from Lindsay Jane Designs on the page: Iced Denim, Grungilicious and Blueberry Fudge. She is probably my favorite designer for kits.

It has been a while since I posted a page that I've done so I thought I would share this today.


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