A puzzling book

What makes it puzzling? I read it for clues to find the coordinates to a cache. I found the book itself interesting and in some ways could see a correlation between the economics in the book and the situation we are faced with now. While we aren't faced with as severe a situation as in the book, I've heard from friends that have closed their businesses due to one thing affecting another and so on and eventually they can't stay afloat any more.

The book has several philosophical views of which I mostly agree with. They were explored in fullness in the 1,168 pages and I could have done with a Reader's Digest version. Much of the dialogue in the book added nothing to the book, characters, etc. and could have been eliminated or shortened. As I was reading John Galt's speech (~56 pages) I couldn't help think of a professor I had who commented on an author liking to hear them self talk. I believe that view would have been expressed here by that professor. Rand was thorough in conveying her philosophical views which are Aristotle's.

I thought the story of the book was outstanding and I even enjoyed the politics. The philosophy, as I stated, I agree with most, could have done with less. It very thought provoking and interesting to see the results of a socialist policy. I recommend the book.


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