Honey Bunny

This little guy has had a rough couple of months.  First he ate some carpet or bedspread with the people that took care of him while we were away getting a mass in his stomach.  That required several medicines and about 6 weeks of trips to the vet for weigh-ins to be sure he was gaining weight.

Last week he had an abscess tooth.  They saved the tooth by filing it and removed the abscess.  Once again, he has an antibiotic.  He was dubbed a "honey bunny" at the vet when we went to pick him up from having the packing removed. We have to put honey into the opening once a day and let it drain.  Honey being a natural remedy for the bacteria to bring it out and not allow it to grow inside for infection.  I almost feel like he is a guinea pig for this procedure but this office has been so good and attentive with him I just have to trust they know what they are doing.  I'm surprised he can eat like he does.
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