One Direction Party

The twins are turning 12 this week.  One of them loves One Direction.  She has many posters on her wall of them, group and single pictures.  She has a spot reserved for one that she wants but doesn't have.  Her sister, while she likes One Direction, is into Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 but she agreed to go with a One Direction theme for the party.  Yay!

Still working out some details of activities and I haven't given a thought to the cake but I thought I'd share the invite.  I found several through Google images.  I took what I like from at least 2, perhaps all 3 of the ticket style invitations and created one for them.  I hear their friends thought they were cool and one of the friends hung hers on the wall.  Off to a good start for this event. 

I'm making moussaka for dinner tonight and don't you know I'm out of potatoes.  I cooked the eggplant this morning to get as much water as possible out.  My wonderful husband is stopping by the store on his way home to get potatoes.  Dinner will be yummy but late.

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