Christmas Quilt

I'm working on a quilt for my mother for her birthday in December.  It is a special year because she will be turning 70. I wanted to give her something special and living far away, it is a hard to make it a special day in person.  She is down-sizing planning to sell her house and move to another state in the next few years.  I decided to make her a quilt.  My mother knows I'm making a lot of quilts for Christmas this year, perhaps she speculates that she will be receiving one.  What cracked me up in one conversation was she asked if I had started my Christmas cards yet.  Nope.  While I need to be sewing 40-60 hours a week to be done by Thanksgiving, I haven't figured in time for the stamping that needs to happen.  Somehow, I didn't budget in enough time for Scouting either.
The poinsettia and gold material is quite elegant in person.  There is a sheen to it with the gold thread that outlines the leaves/flowers and the print of the gold material.  It really is lovely.
My regular quilt shop had Christmas in June and a sale of 30% off Christmas fabric.  I took advantage of that sale.  I wasn't happy with one of the materials I had picked out but color-wise, it worked.  I had pieced any of these blocks together when I purchased the fabric, I just took a sample with me to make my purchase.
The fabric sat in the bag and after I pieced together half of the quilt (3 of these blocks are duplicated, I have 4 more to sew) and then I put them together to get a visual of what the top would look like.  It was not a pretty sight.
I looked for material at my quilt shop again and saw nothing that I thought would work.  I went to a shop closer to my home and found material for the backing that had the shine that would flatter the gold and poinsettia material.  I found material for my border and sashing and now I can't wait to finish this.  It will be beautiful!!  
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