A Redbird Christmas

I finished this book several weeks ago and didn't mention it here. I was reading this while reading The Book Thief. I never finished The Book Thief. I made it about 150 pages in and just couldn't get into the book. It started to improve before that, thus why I made it as far as I did.

Onto this book. Very early on in the book I was laughing when the doctor inquired of Oswald how the news of his needing to leave Chicago or he wouldn't survive another winter affected him. I could relate Oswald to a friend I used to work with that was rather crusty so I found him to be a hoot. Jack, the redbird, was fun to read of his antics in the store and things he did that annoyed customers. Patsy was endearing and it was wonderful the way she was taken in and they hid her from authorities, even though they caught on early on and ignored it. The relationship of Patsy with Jack was sweet and when she left to have her surgery, the way she needed to see Jack to go and do well, it reminded me of the movie The Last Leaf. It was magical that there was a flock of redbirds when she needed to continue to thrive. It was great in the end that Oswald's health improved too. I found how he got his name to be humorous as well.

Once again, I enjoyed the way Flagg made the characters come to life and being able to identify to so many of them and how they interacted with one another. Another wonderful book.


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