Melted Ice Cream Cake

I didn't take a picture of the cake but I bought a pint of Hagen Daas caramel ice cream and let it melt. I mixed it with a white cake mix and 3 eggs, that was it, just three ingredients. After baking it, I was surprised when I opened the oven door and found it didn't rise like a normal cake, in fact, it sort of sunk in the middle. I baked it in a bundt pan. I made chocolate marshmallow frosting to put on it after it cooled and we had it for dessert tonight.

Everyone seemed to like it. I could taste the ice cream, although in reality, I was probably tasting the caramel and just knew it was the ice cream. I didn't care for the texture because it was a heavier cake. The kids still say they would like to have it again.


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