The Glass Castle

This was the book for this month's book club and I was excited that it was chosen because it has been on my list of books I want to read for probably a year. Of course, I couldn't remember why I wanted to read it just that I did. I read this every chance I had: waiting outside school, while dinner cooked, before bed, etc. It is a quick read just because you want to know what she going to deal with next.

The events of her life were something else and while it wasn't anything I've experienced, I'm sad to say that I could identify various events with various people I've become acquainted with. For all that she and her siblings dealt with as children, I would like to believe that something like that wouldn't happen today, that CPS would be there. The sad truth is that it does happen. There are too many kids that face these types of situations and they fall through the cracks or the system is too busy to pay any attention, or perhaps someone else will do something to make it better.

There were times as I read the book that I couldn't help wonder about her siblings felt about the book. There is a tone in the preface that gives an idea, but I wonder if I am reading more into it than exists. It isn't a story or life that you would necessarily want to have published and known, yet it is about survival.

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