The Bright Side of Disaster

I picked this book up at Costco for a quick read. I could relate to several aspects of the book. The main theme of the book is being a first time mother. I loved as she would remind other adults to look both ways when they crossed the street with her baby. I identified with the frustration of breast feeding, not having time for a shower, holding the child all the time, grabbing quick food to eat instead of a meal. The book also is about relationships with family, friends and romance. I couldn't really identify with the family end because we haven't really been around family being military when we have kids. I could relate to the friends because sometimes as we move on to a new phase and a friend doesn't the ties break for a while only to be renewed at later time. I like the way she wrote of the interest in her ex-boyfriend and her neighbor. By the time I neared the end of the book, I thought all was lost but within the last two pages everything is right with the world.

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