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I received my stamp order Friday and I haven't managed to put it away yet. It is out of the box and sitting on my desk. I had to go to bed last night after being up until 5 a.m. trimming box tops and soup labels to get them in the mail yesterday for the deadline. It wound up being a really busy day with meetings and checking on people that need some TLC. I made dinner for my friend and her husband. She broke her ribs and I wanted to do something for her. Then we went on to the batting cage and I forgot my ID. Not very convenient when you need to get back on base to not have any form of ID, however, the guard has seen me enough that he helped me out with a 20 minute pass to get on and get home.

We were back at the field by 8:30 this morning for another win. I was worried in the first inning when it was 6-2 but they pulled it out. After lunch, we went to the Scholastic warehouse for a 50% off sale. Then we did a little shopping for my son's upcoming camping trip. We spent several hours gathering up all that is on his list. Fortunately, I don't have to run to the store for anything else for it.

Needless to say, my desk is a mess and once I put everything away (hopefully tomorrow), I can start playing with my new stamps. I felt like creating something and this was a nice option for not having to clear off my desk.

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