I've Been Tagged

Debra tagged me Saturday. She is such a talented stamper and we seem to have the same taste in sets. I just like her style.

So, here are the 5 things you're supposed to do once you've been tagged.
1- 10 years ago...I was one week away from giving birth to our second child. I remember being grateful that I was having her at the beginning on the summer and didn't have to spend the summer being miserable in the heat.

2- 5 things in today's 'to-do' list...1] Go to the post office to get mail and send off a RAK or two (or three), 2] Get the kids assigned their chores or make a chart depending on how they want to approach them this summer, 3] upload cards here that I've made over the past week, 4] clean my bathroom, 5] make cookies

3- Snacks that I enjoy...1] chocolate covered cashews, 2] yogurt raisins, 3] cinnamon sweet potato chips, 4] grape tomatoes, 5] cherries or watermelon lately

4- Things I would do if I were a millionaire... 1] Buy a new van, 2] have my mother retire (it stinks they raised the retirement age - she has worked hard), 3] I'm not really sure what else I would do.

5- Places I have lived...Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, California, New Mexico.

Alright time to tag away . . .

1. Andrea Walford

2. Jessica Rone

3. Jodi Collins

4. Alli Miles

5. Fran Sabad


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